Western Kalderia – A point of light in a wounded world

A coastal kingdom picks it’s way out of a huge cataclysmic war that shook the heavens and nearly snuffed the flickering light of civilization.

Within only the last few hundred years a new world has formed on the bones of the old and the people have done what they have always done; built walls, tamed wilderness into farmland, and gone to war. Sometimes with orcs, goblins, and the other monstrous titanspawn. Sometimes with each other.

The adventure begins in early Autumn, warm days and sunlit evenings with cold weather on the horizon.

This is a 5E fantasy campaign that presents a world that has been devastated by a war between the gods and their progenitors, the titans. The gods deemed the titans a threat due to their destructive and capricious nature, but discovered that the titans’s essence were tied to the land and could not be separated. So instead of destroying the titans they settled for simply imprisoning them, leaving the followers of the titans with hopes of some day freeing their masters and taking revenge on the gods.

A New Hope